Skincare with Kristin

ABOUT Kristin

It is my mission to help clients achieve optimal skin health through education, prescription and the execution of basic and advanced esthetic treatments.

My esthetics studio is located within an office building near Washington Square Mall. My space is beautiful, tranquil, professional setting where the sounds of nature melt your worries away.


If overall wellness and relaxation is your style, you are in luck! My esthetics practice is located within Body Sage Massage Therapies which is home to numerous massage therapists and an acupuncturist. So, if you want to spend your afternoon unwinding and relaxing in pure bliss, you've come to the right space. 


I have had the opportunity to work in many fun and challenging jobs. Some of these positions include working on commercial photo shoots as a hair/make-up stylist, as an instructor for a beauty school, as a lead esthetician in spas and (most recently) a business owner of my very own esthetics practice.

I have a passion for helping others, learning and bringing excellence into my work environment. The skincare industry is changing rapidly so it is important to stay educated on all the latest esthetic techniques and technology. 

I am certified in preforming chemical peels, microdermabrasion and other advanced esthetic treatments.

*When I'm not working: I'm having fun with my husband and 3 kids, running, cooking, exploring the outdoors & relaxing.

My Space

Skin health and product chemistry has always been intriguing to me. I remember whipping up concoctions on the stove as a little girl. I would collect rose petals and other "ingredients" in order to make perfumes and lotions. That is something that never really left me. It always brought about a sense of creativity and accomplishment. After attending Southern Oregon University where I studied English Lit and Psychology, I decided to pursue skincare as a profession.